Smart Bin Hire

We came across Choice Accounting in 2012 by referral from a close friend of ours. We had fallen well behind on our lodgements and, after sending in the information numerous times to our previous accountant, and leaving many messages, we still were no closer to catching up on our lodgements. We decided to give Serhat a call and organise a meeting in our office to see what he had to offer and how he could help our businesses get back on track. We were very impressed with his professionalism and knowledge when we first met him, and decided to give him a go. He started working on our file straight away and found inefficiencies in the way we were managing our books and companies. We had numerous entities and accounts and some companies weren’t trading yet were incurring penalties and interest, as the GST hadn’t been cancelled and the companies were still active. Serhat quickly organised suitable software which we could use to fix some of the problems we had had moving forward and help with the training to ensure things were done in a more orderly fashion moving forward. He also went back years with our companies, lodging what was outstanding. De-registering what should have been de-registered, closing down accounts and structures that weren’t in use and really cleaned things up to the point where we felt we had control of our businesses again. He also successfully got back thousands of dollars in penalties and interest charged by the ATO which covered the costs of his accounts for the next 2 years. Within a reasonable time all of our accounts were in order. We received thousands back from the ATO for fines and interest that was charged. We had a new user friendly software to better manage the businesses, and most importantly we knew we were back in control of our businesses and have been on top of everything ever since. We were so happy with the service we received that we have referred on people who we do business with as well as our friends and family, and they have all had similar experiences with Serhat. Thanks to Serhat and the team at Choice Accounting, What a great find Deniz Akgul. Smart Bin Hire www.smartbinhire.com.au


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