I have a dream. My BAS will be done while I’m asleep: my invoices paid, my bank account in credit, and everything is tickety-boo with the ATO.

I said it was a dream, but the reality is that we are almost there with cloud-based bookkeeping. Name me something easier than scanning purchase receipts on the go, or invoicing after the job is complete? Don’t you just love jobs where payment is given immediately upon completion?  

Picture this: the day has finished and you don’t have to pick up that computer to generate a quote, or trudge to that room at the back of your house and crank up the systems to generate one invoice. Perhaps it would be worse to have to tell your partner that you have to go back to work because you have some bookkeeping to do!

Imagine a working day when you wake up, and at a press of a button you can see, at a glance, what your financial position is. 

Imagine carrying on through the day generating income while bookkeeping becomes second nature to you, like a walk in the park. 

Imagine that time spent concentrating on bookkeeping is now diverted to developing your business, marketing your business and converting sales to income. Imagine that when you come home your working day has stopped and you have free time.

Imagine that weekend at the end of the financial year when the weather is good and there is always something better to do and you can actually go off and do it!

All of this is possible.   

Cloud accounting has arrived. There are so many cloud-based packages like QBO, XERO and MYOB, with features to choose from that will suit almost every business. Most of them have applications to keep you and your office mobile. Most of them take the headache out of reconciliation, and BAS is literally just a report.

The first step toward finding Nirvana is selecting the right bookkeeping system for you, and then investing a little time to understand how the software works and how to use those apps. Make sure your software reflects your business and that all the accounts are ready for allocation of income and expenditure. None of this is rocket science – just methodological organisation. I know. I hear you say when, and how?

So, if time is short there is always help at hand. There are bookkeepers, accountants and software companies with all sorts of solutions and recommendations. The first meeting is usually free, but the advice is priceless. 

Software companies are snapping at your heels for your business and tempting you with great offers, but one company has all the answers. So for more informed information with no strings attached (and a step nearer to Nirvana) contact:

Gill Greenstein, an independent Bookkeeper servicing Choice Accounting’s clients.              or   

Institute of Certified Bookkeepers:

Good luck, and here’s to finding Nirvana.

Gill Greenstein

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